Kosciusko County woman Woman jailed in visitation dispute seeks resolution

An Atwood woman walked up to the Kosciusko Jail on Friday to turn herself in, as she had done every weekend since Oct. 13.

Jennifer Logan has been serving a 21-day sentence  every weekend for refusing to take her 7-year-old daughter to see her father, Sammy Davis, in prison.

She has been jailed three other times.

Logan says she is fed up with the legal system and is looking to raise money to get the parenting order thrown out or have Davis declared  an unfit parent.

Logan cites financial concerns and concerns about her daughter’s mental well-being as reasons for not taking her to visit Davis.

She said the first time she went to the prison her daughter clutched at her chest, refusing to go in.

“My daughter was 4 years old before Davis wanted anything to do with her,” she said.

Logan was ordered by Judge Michael Reed to take her daughter once a month to see Davis.

The prison is a 450-mile round trip from her home in Atwood.

Logan has no car and no job, saying it makes it hard to make the trip.

She says she had difficulty finding a job due to her inability to work weekends because of her jail sentence.

Logan says her daughter cries every weekend she has to turn herself in.

Reed stepped away from the case in August. Kosciusko?Superior Court I  Judge David Cates had the case briefly but stepped away, leaving the case in the hands of Kosciusko Superior ?Court Judge II Torrey Bauer.

Bauer sent Logan to jail, enforcing the order that Reed signed.

Logan has been trying to raise money to hire a lawyer.

So far she has raised $500 of the $1,500 she says she needs. She has hit some snags as popular crowdfunding sites don’t allow people to raise money for legal expenses.

Her family and friends have set up a fund at MutualBank called “Jennifer Logan’s family fund,” where people can donate money to help her.

Logan’s last scheduled jail stay is Dec. 17. She doesn’t know what will happen next.

“They’ll probably just find me in contempt again,  and throw me back in jail,” she said.

Davis has submitted two letters to court asking for Logan to be held in contempt since the October order to jail her.

Logan submitted documents to the court arguing Davis was trying to blackmail her.

In one letter, Davis asks Logan to buy her a TV for his prison cell, saying he would “scratch her back” if she helped him out.

Davis has also filed for parenting time with his other daughter.

Her mother, Renda Nicols, has also said that Davis has tried to blackmail her.

In court documents, Nicols says Davis told her if  she paid him money, he would tell the courts that she has been visiting him.