Kosciusko Leadership Academy Joins With Grace College For Lesson

Kosciusko Leadership Academy moderator and Grace College professor Allyn Decker shared with the KLA class that he has heard and evaluated over 500 speeches.
Wednesday’s session focused on presentation skills as all KLA cadets will present at the Project Proud session on White Paper Projects.
“Public speaking is a learned skill,”he shared.
Many ideas, suggestions, and tips were shared with the class in preparation for Project Proud and other future public speaking opportunities. Public speaking is often more fearful to people than even death, he said. Once you practice and learn this skill, you will be able to benefit greatly, as the majority of people do not want to take the leadership role necessary to speak in public.  

The next KLA session will focus on human services in Kosciusko County Tuesday at K-21 Health Services Pavilion.  KLA alumni are welcome to attend. KLA is a not-for-profit organization devoted to serving Kosciusko County by encouraging leaders and future leaders to dream and create a better community through white paper projects.

(Story By The Times Union)