Kosciusko REMC partners with Servants at Work for ramp fundraiser

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News Release

Warsaw -– Kosciusko REMC is holding a fundraiser through the end of March with the goal of building a ramp for a local resident.

KREMC is matching donations with the goal of raising $2,000 for the ramp materials.

The cooperative is partnering with Servants at Work (SAWs), a local nonprofit that builds ramps to provide freedom and accessibility to community applicants.

The partnership between KREMC and SAWs was born from the co-op’s grant program,
Operation Round Up.

SAWs received an Operation Round Up grant in the 2021-2022 year and used the funds to build ramps for two community members on KREMC lines. Earlier this week, KREMC published a blog at kremc.com/blog that featured SAWs as a grantee and highlighted their mission in the community.

“The ability to go outside can greatly impact someone’s quality of life,” said Laura Belko, the program development manager at SAWs, in KREMC’s blog. “We’re ‘boots on the ground’ in the communities, identifying and taking care of immediate needs. KREMC does the same thing. We both see quality life not as a luxury, but as a necessity,” Belko added.

Donations to the ramp fundraiser can be made here.

KREMC will keep its social media platforms updated on the progress of the fundraiser, and continue to ask for donations through the end of March.

Anyone from the public is welcome to volunteer to build the ramp after the fundraiser is complete.

SAWs ramp projects are assigned to volunteer crews throughout Indiana once the
organization has approved an applicant and raised the necessary funds.

“Our volunteers get to be there and interact with the clients, and they get to immediately see the impact in just a few hours of volunteering,” said Belko.

To learn more, contact knewlon@kremc.com to inquire about