Kyle DeHart Pleads Not-Guilty At Initial Hearing

The initial hearing for Kyle DeHart who was allegedly involved in Syracuse's double murders last month had his initial hearing this morning. DeHart pleaded not-guilty to his two charges of murder and not-guilty to his one charge of obstruction of justice. According to a probable cause affidavit, Kyle DeHart and Brandon Woody went to Tara Thornburg's home on February 19 with the intent to rob and kill her. If convicted on all charges, DeHart could serve a maximum sentence of 130 years. Kyle DeHart's mother, Joan DeHart was also scheduled to appear this morning, but waived her initial hearing. Official records claim she tried to help Woody evade police and provided him with an alibi. Kyle DeHart remains in the Kosciusko County Jail with no bond. Joan DeHart has bonded out. Both Kyle and Joan DeHart's pre-trials are scheduled for May.