Lake City Media and Community Celebrate Rita Price’s 75th Birthday

(Teri Armstrong/Lake City Media)

It was all about the “Queen of Radio” this morning, as Lake City Media Group and members of the community celebrated Rita Price’s 75th birthday. After 58 years of working in radio and touching the lives of thousands throughout the state of Indiana, Friday’s celebration of Rita was much deserved.

The cake and decorations were a plus, but the highlight of the day was when Warsaw Mayor, Joe Thallemer announced March 5th as “Rita Price Day.” He then revealed an honorary street sign in front of Lake City Media Group that reads “Rita Price Way.” The WRSW studio was also renamed the “Rita Price Showcase Studio.”

(Roger Grossman/WRSW)

Mayor Joe Thallemer spoke at the event saying, “Rita, you’ve created so many memories for so many people, and impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of kids.”

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer speaking to Rita. (Roger Grossman/WRSW)

Lake City Media Group Market Manager, Woody Zimmerman also spoke saying, “Do you realize how rare it is for someone to be on the air at one radio station for nearly 60 years? I’m so proud that I can be here today to put a stamp on your legacy.”

Of course, the Hall-of-Famer, Rita Price had no problem speaking saying, “I’ve always said this job has given back to me more than I could ever give to it. I have an attitude of gratitude that I get to do this job everyday. Here’s onward and upward to many more years.”

Rita officially turns 75 on Sunday, March 5.

(Roger Grossman/WRSW)