Lawmakers claim a database of state health care costs will save money

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth)

House Republicans say a proposed database of Indiana health care costs will save you money — even though they killed their own bill to create it.

Speaker Brian Bosma says the House will revive the database bill this month as they begin work on bills which passed the Senate last month. The Senate passed its own version of the bill, or the House could add the issue to another health bill.

Bosma says the database isn’t the whole solution to rising medical costs, but it’s a start. He says it would allow patients, employers and insurance companies to comparison-shop prices.

The bill is part of Republicans’ 2020 agenda in both the House and Senate, but Bosma killed the first attempt at the bill after 16 Republicans joined Democrats to add a provision allowing the state to import prescription drugs from Canada. Bosma argues it’s not only bad policy, but is too big a change to make without going through a committee debate first.