Leesburg Man Arrested

A Leesburg man was arrested July 3 after battering and threatening a law enforcement official during his apprehension. According to an affidavit filed by the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office,  Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to a report of domestic battery July 3rd at 16 EMS T9 Lane, Leesburg. An officer spoke with a female victim who advised 54 year old Steven Charles Emery of that address, had become angry and damaged the property. The victim stated Emery then physically restrained her from leaving a bedroom at the residence by holding her down and placing his forearm across her neck. She stated Emery placed her in a chokehold in an attempt to hold her in the bedroom. According to the affidavit, the officers  observed red irritation marks on the victim’s neck. An officer then spoke with Emery who alleged nothing had happened and demanded the police leave the property. One officer attempted to arrest Emery for domestic battery and Emery allegedly resisted, swinging his right arm and striking the officer in the chest. Emery proceeded to swing his arms and kick his legs when the officer deployed a stun gun to subdue and handcuff Emery. When the officer attempted to stand Emery up, the man allegedly kicked the officer in the right leg. Emery then made threats to the officers, stating he was going to “hunt them down.” According to the report, the officer suffered a shoulder injury. Emery was booked on two counts of battery with bodily injury to a law enforcement officer and domestic battery and held on a $500 bond.