Leesburg Moves Closer To Traffic Control Answer

LEESBURG – Leesburg is getting closer to having a law enforcement entity provide traffic control for the town.

Traffic control has been a topic of discussion for almost a year. Residents went to the March 2021 meeting and discussed concerns of people speeding on streets in town.

Leesburg has been working to get the Claypool Police Department to provide traffic control for the town for several months.

Monday, Councilman Doug Jones said everything is going well with finding a third-party insurance company to cover the traffic control by the CPD.

“We have a semi-commitment from an insurance company to do what we need to do. It looks like it’s going to be around $500 annually to add that coverage to our policy. And just in the interest of being fiscally responsible, I asked our existing agent to go through and quote some other companies that do this just to see if there’s any advantage in doing that. That’s what I’m currently waiting on,” Jones said.

He and Claypool Town Marshal Ben Sanders have been working on a contract.

“So, hopefully, we’re moving forward. It looks pretty good,” he said.

In other business, town attorney Nick Jacobs discussed the sewer rate.

In December, the Council approved for financial consultants Baker Tilly to do a sewer rate review, which will determine if rates need to be increased.

Jacobs said after January’s meeting he spoke with a representative from Baker Tilly to see if everything was submitted for the review.

As of Jan. 26, Baker Tilly has the information to start the process with the sewer rate review.


• Jacobs said there were three individuals that were cited several times for violating the parking ordinance. Former town attorney Verne Landis sent them demand letters in November to see if it could be resolved.

The three people didn’t respond so lawsuits were filed against them. As of Monday, Jacobs said he heard from two of the three individuals.

All three individuals are set to have hearings on Feb. 25. If they show up and contend they owe the money, it’ll be the end of it and a judgment against them will be filed. If the individuals dispute they owe the money, a future hearing date will be filed.

• Street Commissioner Craig Charlton presented the Council with an updated quote for drain cleaning from Insight Pipe Contracting, Harmony, Pa., for the town’s center storm drain.

Charlton said the quote was reduced from a 24-inch pipe to a 20-inch pump, so it reduced the quote to $47,871. In January, the Council approved a quote of $72,000, on the high end.

Charlton said, “Once we get rid of this freezing weather,” Insight Pipe Contracting will be in to clean the pipe.

• The Council approved a quote from Insight Pipe Contracting to clean storm lines from the center alleyway to Harrison Street at $4,250. The work will include camera work to get a video record of what the condition of the storm lines are like.