Local Dancing With The Stars fundraiser to donate proceeds to eight charities

A local fundraiser is set to benefit multiple non-profits in our area.

Dancing with the Stars for Charity of Kosciusko County announced their cast last week. The teams are made up of local celebrities paired with Warsaw Community Schools teachers:

Jason Gergely of Alderfer Bergen & Company will be dancing with Sarah Kershner

Mark Skibowski of Remax Lakes Realty is partnering with Andera Miller

Chris Cage of Willie 103.5 is on a team with Sarah Lipscomb

Steve Possell of Combined Community Services will be dancing with Megan Dinse

Shjeila Wieringa of the Warsaw Parks Department is teamed up with Stephen Clark

Caitlin Yoder of Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams is partnered with Phil Kuhn

Michelle LeDrew, owner of Glam, is on a team with Michael Curtis

and Carli Luca of Lake City Media Group will be dancing with Thomas Hall.

Beginning in January, the teams will focus on rehearsing before the judged performances on February 17 at the Warsaw Performing Arts Center.

Warsaw Community Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert will join Deb Collier and Lee Anne Stewart as judges. Andre Bellos from NBC’s hit show, “Chicago Justice” will also join as a judge and perform a dance as part of the show.

Tickets are available here.

Though the winning team gets the most funding for their charity of choice, all ticket proceeds will go towards the eight different charities for which they are fundraising, and a small portion will go towards the dance department at Warsaw Community Schools.