Locally-owned pizza parlor set to open in Warsaw

RockSteady Pizza Parlour, at 108 E. Market St., is expected to open later this month. New Now Warsaw photo by Dan Spalding.
Editor’s note: An error in the second to last sentence about the year Rua opened has been fixed. It opened in 2016. We regret the error.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — A new locally-owned, family-style pizza place is on the verge of opening in downtown Warsaw.

RockSteady Pizza Parlour intends to be open within a week or two in the space formerly occupied by Rua — and prior to that — the old Brennan pharmacy.

One of the co-owners, Joel Squires, tells News Now Warsaw that the business will specialize in pizza, sandwiches, soft-serve ice cream.

They hope the atmosphere strikes a nostalgic feel that entices a family feel.

The restaurant will feature an arcade room with pinball games, too, in what was previously known as the Brennan Room.

Customers can expect to find a variety of New York style artisan pizzas, he said.

“We just hope this is a really fun spot that people really want to latch on to and hang out and just be part of our journey,” Squires said.

He also said they plan to open early enough to catch the coffee crowd.

“We’ll open in the morning with a few quick grab breakfast sandwiches. Just a couple options. Nothing major. We’re not looking to be a brunch spot,” Squires said.

Squires will be joined by longtime friend, Alex Stults, in running the operation. Jason Brown, who owns and operates One Ten Craft Meatery — just a block away — is also part of the ownership group.

All three of the owners have extensive experience as chefs with local eateries.

The restaurant will also eventually serve alcohol but it won’t have a bar per se, Squires said.

The plan for a new restaurant has been in the works for nearly a year and came together in July, he said.

Rua opened in 2016, offered an eclectic menu, but closed after the pandemic settled in.

“Rua was definitely a very loved restaurant, you know, and we’re just excited to take over the space, and hopefully, we continue that tradition of a great restaurant here,” he said.