LTTE: Vote McConnell


Having known Travis McConnell through One Warsaw, the Breakfast Optimist club, and the Beaman Home Board, I can speak to Travis’ dedication to our community.

As the employee of a local bank, and the Treasurer of Travis McConnell’s campaign, I am in a strong position to speak to, in good faith, Travis’ character.

Travis is willing to listen. He is open minded and accepts guidance and critiques when he is wrong. With his vast knowledge in law and his nature to investigate all options without bias, Travis accepts opinions and facts openly from everyone while also applying factual data to move the community forward. Travis acts in a manner to benefit the community as a whole, not just a political party. It doesn’t matter who the person is or where they come from, Travis is willing to listen and give everyone an opportunity to show him something new.

Kosciusko should give him the same opportunity as their Middle-District Commissioner. Vote McConnell this election.

Heather Lardino (Smith)