Major Study Planned For Kosciusko Non-Profits

A major study is planned for Kosciusko Non-profits. Updentity, an internationally acclaimed marketing company, will be conducting a first of its kind survey about the state of advertising among non-profits in Kosciusko County. This survey is sponsored by the North Webster-Tippecanoe Township Chamber of Commerce. Recent statistics say that 75 percent of donors go online to decide where to give and how they make their selection. The survey results will show which marketing methods are in use. Results will show which work well and which do not. Results will also report on national trends. The final report will be a valuable resource for the entire community because both businesses and non-profits will see opportunities for growth and partnerships.The summary results of the survey will be shared with the entire business and non-profit community in Kosciusko County. The survey will be begin on Sept. 15 and conclude on Oct. 31.