Man Charged With Murder For Woman Found In Freezer

Earlier we brought you the story of a woman found dead in a freezer. We now know that the woman has been identified as Birdie Elder. According to WNDU It’s unknown at this time how long she had been dead and LaPorte County Prosecutor’s say the body will have to be thawed out before an autopsy can be done on Thursday. Prosecutors say Elder was about 70 years old. Forty-seven-year-old Daniel Shoffner is jailed and has been charged with murder. According to a probable cause affidavit, Shoffner claims the stabbing was an accident. He told police he'd been consuming alcohol and was practicing his knife moves, when he accidentally stabbed Elder in the neck, chest, and hand. The report also indicated that Shoffner may have tried to commit suicide after the incident. Neighbor Robert Peals says Shoffner had been living with the woman for several months since her husband's death.