Man Claims Local Wendy’s Served Him A Screw; Files Suit

A man is suing the company that operates Wendy’s  restaurant in Warsaw after he claimed he found a metal  screw in his hamburger.
On Aug. 2,  James Fleming allegedly purchased food in the restaurant and bit into a rusty metal screw, according to the man’s attorney, Kevin Podlaski.
The restaurant is located in the Kmart shopping center on the city’s east side.
Podlaski said Fleming suffered injuries to the roof of his mouth and required medical and dental work.
Fleming filed suit in Kosciusko County Superior Court I in January.
The suit alleges Wendy’s  was negligent in allowing the screw to somehow be placed in the burger.
No dollar amount has been set in the suit.
Podlaski said they’re not sure how the screw got into the hamburger.
“The big thing is the management didn’t even care,” Podlaski said.
“Mr. Fleming is genuinely concerned, angry and frustrated over biting into a Wendy’s hamburger and being injured by a sharp, pointed, machine screw.  How it got there will be for a jury to decide.” Podlaski said,
The Wendy’s in Warsaw is owned by Better Food Systems Inc, Bellefontaine, Ohio.
Representatives from Better Food Systems did not return phone calls requesting comment as of press time this morning.