Man convicted in U.S. 30 road rage attack won’t get more jail time

(photo supplied / FWPD)

A man who was convicted of battery for beating another man who subsequently died of a heart attack during an apparent road rage attack in northeastern Indiana won’t get more time in custody.

Twenty-eight-year-old Brandon Cook was sentenced Tuesday to a year behind bars for the misdemeanor, but he was given credit for more than eight months already spent in jail. His public defender says inmates in such misdemeanor cases typically serve half of their time, so he’s due to be released.

Cook was charged in the August death of 60-year-old Orlando Fernandez. A jury acquitted Cook of involuntary manslaughter, a felony.

The men had an altercation along U.S. 30 in Fort Wayne. An autopsy determined Fernandez died of a heart attack triggered by the stress of the altercation.