Man Sentenced 10 Years For Brutal Beating, Warrant Out For Other Suspect

                      (Photo Courtesy Elkhart County Prosecutor)

It's a 10 year sentence for a man accused of nearly beating to death another man at a house party in Elkhart County.  Prosecutors say Adam Wilburn, along with co-defendant Daniel Nelson, severely beat an acquaintance, Joshua Coleman, during a party at a residence in Elkhart County. The two men then left Coleman lying in a pool of his own blood with deep cuts to his head, face, and neck. Eyewitnesses told police after Coleman was knocked unconscious, the men dragged him to the living room and began kicking him. Wilburn was wearing steel-toed boots. Coleman suffered a closed head injury and skull fracture, among other injuries. His medical bills topped $20-thousand dollars. As for the other suspect, Daniel Nelson, a warrant is out for his arrest.