Man whose bicycle collided with train in Warsaw in April dies

The man who rode his bicycle into a train April 30 has died. 

53-year-old Ronald R. Spaulding Jr. of Warsaw, died May 5 as a result of the bicycle collision. 

Police believe he was intoxicated at the time he rode his bicycle into a train in Warsaw.

At approximately 3:18 p.m. April 30, Warsaw Police and EMS responded to an incident involving a man on a bicycle riding into a northbound train in the area of Winona Avenue, according to a previous WPD news release.

Responding officers identified the man as Spaulding.

Witnesses to the accident said they saw Spaulding pull out of a gravel lot just west of the tracks and attempt to cross the tracks before the train reached Winona Avenue. Witnesses also said the train’s horn was blowing, the signal was flashing and the bell was ringing, the news release states.

The report says witnesses saw Spaulding started pedaling fast toward the train. When he got to the train, Spaulding struck the first car after the three engines had passed.

Spaulding was said to have ridden his bicycle into the side of the train, falling on the ground on the west side of the tracks.

When witnesses went to help Spaulding, they could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him.

Spaulding was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital by Lutheran EMS and later transferred to Fort Wayne Lutheran due to injuries suffered from the collision, the release states. The incident report stated Spaulding had a skull fracture and brain bleeding.