Manchester University bringing over 50 opportunities to students at Career Fair

(photo supplied / Manchester University)

Nearly 60 businesses, organizations, and graduate programs have registered for the Manchester University Career and Internship Fair. They’re coming from Wabash, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and even Valparaiso to meet with students from MU.

The Career and Internship Fair takes place Wednesday February 28 from 2-4 p.m. at the Jo Young Switzer Center.

MU Director of Career and Professional Development Tish Kalita tells News Now Warsaw it offers opportunities for students and employers alike.

“Employers benefit from our students,” she says. “The liberal arts allows them to develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication which are valuable to employers across the board.”

The school touts a 96% success rate for graduates over the past five years, with most finding a job or being accepted for post-graduate training within six months of graduation.

But, for those who don’t find instant success, the University offers a guarantee.

“We have a number of students who are qualified, talented, and ready to go straight into the workforce and make significant contributions, and we are confident in that. So we offer an employment guarantee– if a student is not employed within 6 months of graduation and they meet certain qualifications…then they are eligible to apply to come back for a year tuition free,” Kalita explains.

“We’re pretty confident that our students are going to be well-prepared once they’re ready to leave Manchester. We try to do as much as we can to offer opportunities for them to get connected with various careers, various employers, and graduate programs– and the Career Fair is a great way to do this.”

Why are Manchester students so successful? Kalita credits several parts of their experience at school.

“Opportunities that students participate in at Manchester foster their ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and we grow strong leaders from the curricular and co-curricular activities they’re involved in.”

The school is so invested in student success that they collect clothing donations to offer a Career Closet for students prior to events like the Career Fair.

“Usually when you go to meet with an employer, you’re going to an interview, you want to look your best and dress professionally. We know that college students don’t always have the funding to go out and do that so we solicit donations from the community, alumni, faculty, and staff,” says MU Director of Career and Professional Development Tish Kalita.

Students can take what they need to help them dress professionally on a first come first serve basis during the day that the Career Closet is open.