Manchester University Offering Reward For Information On Campus Threat

A threat at Manchester University Friday night was unfounded. Manchester University was on a lockdown Friday evening after several phone calls were made to area police by a person claiming to have stabbed his roommate and then went inside the administration building with a gun and explosives. After the police and several agencies and campus security determined there was no one inside the administration building, a door-to-door search in the residence halls was initiated to make sure there was no stabbing victim. The all-clear was issued at 3:14 a.m. Saturday. The university issued the following statement early Saturday morning: “MU North Manchester Campus has issued the all-clear statement. All campus buildings and residence hall rooms have been cleared by law enforcement officials. There were not injuries and no credible threats were found.” North Manchester Police Chief Jeff Perry said at this morning, there have not been any changes, and they are still investigating the incident and gathering more information to forward to other agencies for assistance to figure out who made the threat. Manchester is offering a $2,500 reward leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for false threats. Manchester University President Dave McFadden thanked the community for its cooperation and patience during the entire evening. In an email from McFadden, he said, “Events like this are exceedingly rare on our campus, and I’m pleased our preplanned safety protocols were initiated and worked effectively. No campus is immune from threat in this day and age, and this is why we prepare.”