Men Arrested For Stealing Xbox With Force

Four men trying to sell an Xbox have been charged with starting a fight and robbing the potential buyers. Court documents show that three men thought they were arranging to sell the video game console in Churubusco at midnight Saturday night, but instead were met by four men who started a fight. The buyers are identified as 21 year old Jontra L. Clark, 22 year old Johnathon F. Reynolds, 19 year old Jordan C. Bojinoff and 22 year old Jevalonte Mosley. The Journal Gazette reports Reynolds smacked one of the men with the butt of a rifle, and others had been punched and kicked. Two of the sellers fled in their vehicles, but the alleged robbers took off with the Xbox, jewelry, a cell phone and credit cards. Reynolds, Clark, Bojinoff and Mosley were caught and preliminary charged with armed robbery through the use of force. Reynolds was also handed a preliminary charge of battery with a deadly weapon. The men currently remain in jail.