Menard Thieves

Four northeast Indiana people were charged with one count each of corrup business influence after a spree of theft from local Menards stores. Police say it happened between March 7th and April 21st and resulted in over $12,000 of stolen merchandise from the store, which was later sold to pawn shops and accounted for an additional nearly $3,000 lost. As a result, 36-year old Troy Stauffer of Decatur, 35-year old Chrystal Stauffer of Monroe, 54-year old James Deleon of Fort Wayne and 59-year old Alice Stovall of Fort Wayne were all and charged. Warrants were issued for all four involved, but none was in custody as of Wednesday night. The four-some allegedly took bathroom vanities and filled them with high-end tools, including generators and other merchandise in the stores before the vanities were returned for refunds. The individuals would pay for the vanity but would not reveal to the cashier there were other items in it. The vanity would then be returned for a refund, and the stolen items would later be sold to area pawn shops. The Menards stores that fell victim to the heist included locations in Warsaw, Fort Wayne and Lima, Ohio.