Mentone Budget Proposals

Mentone's 2014 general fund budget is proposed at $441,846, a $37,034 increase over the 2013 budget. The council is recommending a $2,500 salary increase for two police officers and two water utility officers. The town marshal’s current salary is $43,490 and would be $45,990; the deputy’s salary of $38,229 would be $40,729; the utilities superintendent’s pay of  $39,432 would be $41,932; and the utilities employee  salary of $33,432 would be $35,932. Barb Ross, clerk-treasurer, said she would not like a salary increase. Her current salary is $32,694. The council is proposing a 10 percent increase in police insurance from $44,000 to $48,400. Other proposals are to raise the town equipment fund from $2,800 to $3,500 and storm sewers under utility services from $9,500 to $12,000. A public hearing for the budget is Sept. 8th, and the council will adopt the budget Oct. 6th.