Milford Fest Plans Approved

MILFORD – Approving plans for Milford Family Fun Fest and change orders for the street department created the need for a special Town Council meeting Monday night.

Representatives from the Milford Family Fun Fest committee had a list of street closures they were requesting. They were asking some streets to be closed Wednesday night from 5 p.m. until Sunday at 8 a.m., including Main Street from Catherine to the PMC drive-thru and the community building parking lot from noon on the 25th through the 29th. On May 26, they wanted to close Main Street from PMC drive-thru to the fire station; and on May 27 the alley behind T Zone and town hall and Main Street from Catherine to Fourth Street. They were making the request on behalf of Beer & Jessup (BAJA Amusements).

Council members had some discussion about keeping some parking spaces open for the downtown businesses. They finally decided that Streets, Park and Water Superintendent Steve Marquart would talk to Tom Beer about leaving a portion of the community building parking lot open.

Marquart said they were, basically asking for the same street closings as in the past, just a day earlier due to staff shortages. Council members asked Marquart to ask Beer to inform the local businesses, particularly since some are new and have not been involved in Milford Fest before.

The committee also asked for approval to use the electricity at the community building. Marquart said they need to have an additional panel with 220 amp capacity. He said aside from Milford Fest, other organizations in the town use that electricity, too. He received a quote from Middlebury Electric for $1,200 and he said they said it could be done before the festival, which is May 28. The Council approved the purchase and allowing Milford Fest the use of the electric panel.

They also approved the rental of portable restrooms by J. L. Hurt Portable Restrooms at a cost of $1,270 for six regular restrooms, three handicapped-accessible, two handwashing stations and two additional restrooms at the gas station for the parade.

Also approved was waiving the fee for use of the community building during the festival for the Kiwanis and the Lions.

Marquart brought a change order for work done by Phend & Brown. Marquart said when they raised the curbs for American with Disabilities Act at the southwest corner of Catherine and East Street, it created a water pool at a nearby church so they put a catch basin to remedy the situation at a cost of $6,000.

Councilman Kenneth Long said, “Going forward, let’s make sure we do this the right way.”

Long said he didn’t really consider this situation an emergency and felt a meeting could’ve been called to approve the cost.

Council President Doug Ruch said, “It was given to me as an emergency and that the rest of you would be called.”

Ruch said he was told a decision needed to be made by the next day as they would be there to do the work. Long said he was called and thought the matter should be approved but wanted more caution in the future.

Marquart also received approval to have new castings made for two manhole covers on Henry Street at a cost of $750 each from Pulver Asphalt.

Lastly, Marquart said after investigating the ADA ramps completed by Pulver and Phend & Brown he felt there were at least 15 that need to be inspected. He contacted USI Consulting and received a quote stating they’d be billed hourly not to exceed $10,000.

“If they don’t pass (inspection) we can get it fixed before signing off on the final bill,” he said.

Long asked how many ADA ramps there were and Marquart said he wasn’t sure but a lot more than 15. Long said he was concerned that maybe the ones they weren’t inspecting aren’t right but Marquart was confident the others were in compliance.

Ruch asked if the contracts were awarded and Marquart said they were. He also said in the future, when applying for Community Crossing grant funds, he’d include the cost of inspections.

The regular meeting of the council is next Monday at 7 p.m.