Monaghan Gets Max Sentence for Marshall Co. Death

A Marshall County man has received the maximum sentence for murder. Gauvin Monaghan was sentenced Wednesday to 65 years in prison for killing Paul Costello of Plymouth. ABC 57 reports prosecutors believed Monaghan showed no remorse for the killing, pointing out in court that Monaghan could be seen in Facebook photos partying afterwards. This despite the fact that Monaghan said that he has no memory of what he did and feels like a monster. Costello as savagely attacked by Monaghan was found in a plastic barrel on his property in November 2016, his hands and feet bound, and having suffered multiple skull and facial fractures. The judge felt Monaghan had a high risk for crime and gave the 19-year-old Monaghan the maximum sentence. His accomplice, Maeson Coffin, is set for trial on January 9th.

Photo supplied by the Jefferson Co. Jail in New York State.