Moore Seeks State Rep. Position For The Planet

Dee Moore

Dee Moore ran in 2016 and 2018 for Indiana state representative for District 18 against Republican Dave Wolkins.

Now the Democrat is running for District 22 after the 2020 U.S. Census led to redistricting. Democrat Chad Harris, from Wabash, ran in 2020. Moore faces incumbent and Republican Craig Snow and Libertarian Josh Vergiels in the Nov. 8 general election.

“Just because I just care too much about this planet to abandon it. I just do,” Moore said about why she decided to run again this year.

She was a certified teacher and spent a lot of time in the schools. She also raised children and then started substitute teaching. She helps her husband, Stan, on the farm.

“I was really alarmed by the changes in the schools and the disrespect for the teachers. The school board fights. The referendums for money. When they changed it so the dollars allotted in the statehouse for education were no longer just for public schools, we thought they couldn’t do that because of the separation of church and state, the money would have to stay where the taxpayers support it, which is public schools. But, the Republicans came up with a trick to have the money follow the student, then it could go anywhere,” she said in an interview Oct. 10.

Moore said she would debate with Wolkins on the issue when he was still the state representative for District 18. She said she would ask him, “Why are you so adamant about wanting to close down public schools?” He would respond, she said, because there’s not enough students in them. She responded that the state gives tax dollars to homeschoolers and private schools with hardly any students in them. She and other teachers and some taxpayers wanted to know why the Republicans were picking on public schools. Moore would like to change that.

A seventh-generation farmer, Moore said she also loves the lakes and used to swim in them. Now, she said, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources recommends a person take a soap shower after they’ve “recreated” in Indiana’s waters.

“What are we doing to our water? And I would really like to see the water tested in our ground water to see how many chemicals are in that water,” Moore said, adding that “we really don’t know what’s in our waters” because it’s not tested for everything.

Climate change also is just taking off, she said.

“We put in some solars ourselves because, what can we do? But most people can’t afford to do that and I understand, especially with inflation now, but we need to have programs that encourage people and industry to use green renewable energy. Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more events like what just happened in Florida (Hurricane Ian), all over. We’re seeing the sea levels rise from the melting of the ices and the glaciers. As long as this continues, we’re going to get to the point where, who is going to be able to afford property insurance? You think it’s too expensive to do the right thing and put in renewables, but this is where government comes in to help us do this because otherwise we’re going to be screaming at the government to help us – our house blew away, our house flooded, our house burnt up. And we need to really address that,” Moore said.

Even though it’s expensive, she said the government can help get programs going and it’ll be “far cheaper” than everyone losing their homes in the long run and whole cities being wiped out.

Moore said she’s noticed it’s getting more difficult to farm because there will be dry spells and then rainy spells. This year has been exceptional because there hasn’t been the rains, she said, so farmers are out there trying to get it done.

“Really, all those reasons make me run (for office). And I’m aware of more and more people having diabetes. Of course, health care is a big thing and they can’t afford insulin,” Moore said, saying health care costs need to be slowed down.

If elected, she may not be able to accomplish everything in one term, but, she said, “You can stay in bed, or you can start and I always feel like you have to do what you can do. When your numbered days are up, you can say I did all I could. And who knows? Maybe other people will join in.”