Motel owner in Evansville claims Alabama fugitives were not registered guests

The two are said to have been romantically involved

The bodycam footage of the moments when two Alabama fugitives were taken into custody in Evansville has been released by police.

The footage shows Casey White being dragged to the ground, handcuffed, and taken away from where the Cadillac SUV he and Vicky White had been trying to get away in crashed. Though blurred out, it also shows officers pulling Vicky White’s unconscious body from the wreck after shooting herself in the head.

She later died at the hospital.

The pair had been on the run for weeks after Vicky White helped Casey White escape from a jail in Alabama. The two are said to have been romantically involved. Detectives believe they were hiding out at the Motel 41 in Evansville with plans to lay low for a while and not be taken alive, as the SUV had several guns they planned to use to standoff with police if they had to.

The owner of Motel 41, where the couple was hiding, says he had no idea they were in one of his motel rooms and that they must have gotten someone else to check in on their behalf.

“They were not officially registered guests here,” said Paul Shah. “Somebody else checked in, and they were ‘visiting these people.’ But they were not official guests here.”

Shah finds it puzzling they chose Evansville as a place to hide out.

“It’s shocking and surprising why they chose Evansville,” he said. “But, see, we did not know. When somebody checked in, it was somebody else, a local guy.”

Casey White is awaiting extradition back to Alabama, where he will be brought up on new charges.