Narcotics detectives investigate mobile meth lab in Warsaw

Warsaw Police say they were collecting evidence from what was suspected to be a mobile meth lab Saturday.

Authorities were first called to the Dollar General on Market Street for two women who were allegedly shoplifting. The women were stopped by police on the 600 block of Center Street, not far from the store.

Police Captain Kip Shuter says officers found a bottle and other articles associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine when searching the vehicle. Narcotics detectives were brought on scene to collect the evidence.

Police tape could be seen around a property on the 600 block of Center Street, which Warsaw PD says was to keep people back from the car and evidence.

Two women were arrested in connection with the incident: 55-year-old Kathy Buckheit of Warsaw and 35-year-old Brandi Seeley of North Manchester.