New all-green electric mowing service launched locally

Cory Thomas (David Slone, Times-Union)

With his new small business, Cory Thomas hopes to do his part for the environment by going as “green” as possible.

The name of his all-green electric mowing service is Natural MOWmentum.

“I create a pleasant, quiet service. There’s no chance of leaking fuel or oil onto the pavement and/or soil, water. I have just as much experience as the next business out there when it comes to taking care of yards. I do a high-quality job, and I’m promoting something I think is forward-thinking,” Thomas said.

He said eventually people will see a lot more mowers out there like the one he purchased for his business.

“Because, as you know, cars are going all electric. … Basically, I’m just following their lead and I know that it’s just a matter of time before everyone grasps this concept,” Thomas said.

That concept is being more environmentally friendly and having fewer emissions.

“One of these mowers is equivalent to taking 140 cars off the road for a year,” Thomas stated. “None of the gas mowers are regulated. The EPA doesn’t necessarily regulate them because they’re not a vehicle that is licensed to be on the road, so it’s not their priority. They’re more focused on cars, so you have these exhausts that are not filtered or anything like that.

“So, essentially, I think it’s the right thing to do and it’s a pleasant service.”

Thomas said when he stumbled onto the Mean Green mower, he was looking into electric mowers. He found Mean Green Mowers, Cincinnati, through a Google search.

“I did some thorough research. I did some YouTube videos and I also did some ratings via the internet. So when it came down to if it was a solid buy, I did some more research. Michigan State University is buying them; University of California; Lansing, Michigan, the city, is buying them; Indianapolis just bought three. So it’s coming,” he said.

The mower, Thomas said, is reliable, resilient and very capable.

“Every little thing counts, and I’m doing my part, I like to think,” he said.

Thomas is looking to go off the electric grid overall. He has solar panels in his back yard, which he hopes to eventually hook up to his vehicle to charge his small hand tools.

“Sun Power is company that produces a lot of residential solar panels, and they just came out with a 400 watt system that has the best cell development across the board. I’d like to implement that – once I get an enclosed trailer – so that regardless of where I’m at, I can get a charge and I’m not using fossil fuels to actually charge this. So I will be 100% green eventually,” he said.

“My actual operation on the yard is 100% electric.”

He has a partner in the business, Kaleb Greenwood, who serves as the operations manager.

Last week Thomas registered his business with the Secretary of State, established an employee identification number and got his insurance. On Wednesday, he formed a business account and got a device so he can take credit cards on a job site.

Pricing for the mowing service is based on the size of the yard, trimming and scope of the work.

To contact Thomas, call 574-549-3885; email; or find him on Facebook under Natural MOWmentum.