New details on Amber Pasztor’s alleged murder of Frank Macomber

Court documents show the apparent paranoia that Amber Pasztor was going through when she smothered her children and allegedly shot her neighbor Frank Macomber.

The 30-year-old Pasztor was officially charged with Macomber’s death Tuesday. She allegedly shot him and took his vehicle on September 25, 2016, the day she killed Liliana Hernandez and Rene Pasztor in Elkhart.

Court documents say Macomber actually bought the deer rifle he was shot with for Pasztor, along with a red and blue tent he was found wrapped up in in the woods near his home.

Pasztor admitted to a TV station that she not only killed Macomber, but threw the rifle in a Michigan river.

She reportedly told officers she was paranoid over Mexican drug cartels coming after her, and believed that Macomber was working for those cartels.