New Dunkin’ in Warsaw to raise funds for the Salvation Army

("Looking After The Homeless - The Salvation Army" by William Murphy Follow, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The new Dunkin’ on Center Street in Warsaw will be collecting money for the Salvation Army.

They’ll have counter kettles beginning on their soft opening date of Monday February 18.

They’ll also have a special at the grand opening ceremony on March 1 where customers can get a free medium or iced coffee if they donate a dollar or more to the Salvation Army.

The pairing between the donut & coffee restaurant and the non-profit comes as no surprise– The Salvation Army has had a long tradition of serving donuts to emergency and service personnel during times of war and peace.

In fact, the well-known “Donut Girls”  served in the trenches of World War I.

A representative from the local Salvation Army will be presented with donations collected from customers at the grand opening, plus $250 from the Warsaw Dunkin’ location.