New elevator available at Warsaw Community Public Library

The new LULA elevator at Warsaw Community Public Library is available for public use.

At the library board meeting Monday, Library Director Ann Zydek said she and Facility Supervisor Bruce Hively met with Jeff Kumfer, co-owner of SRKM Architecture LLC, and discussed what was happening with the LULA (limited use/limited application) elevator. 

For the entry lighting, she said they were able to bring in a lighting consultant – Kendall Electric – and will be working on a quote for changing the lighting to LED and add more light to the entryway.

On Friday, the state inspector visited the library, Zydek said, and LULA officially passed.

“When he left, he said, ‘you can finally let people know it can be used and is working,’” she said.

Since about 2017, the library’s LULA had issues and often would not work. The library board decided to replace it, and construction has been going on for months. 

Zydek said she and a couple others have tried out the new LULA elevator.

“They say there will be a little bit of fine-tuning within the first 30 days of the hydraulics. Something about there’s a little air that might be in there,” she said, but it’s not a big concern.

Zydek said the elevator has been available for use since Friday.

“It’s quiet,” she said.

Also, Zydek said they looked at the library’s “deteriorating” parking lot. There’s cracks on the east side near the shed, and they’re going to have to investigate to see what needs to be done.

In addition to the normal repaving, which was in the library’s schedule to do this year, Zydek said the curbs might also need work.