New giraffe calf at Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

(Photo Supplied / Fort Wayne Children's Zoo)

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo family has added a new member!

Photo Supplied – Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Thabisa, pronounced ta-BEE-sa, is a female reticulated giraffe born to first time mom, Faye. She was born on Tuesday, November 21, and her name means “to bring joy” in Swahili.

Thabisa was born at 11:22 a.m., stood for the first time around noon, and was seen nursing by 12:45 p.m. She currently measures 5’10” and weighs 134.2 pounds.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is now home to nine reticulated giraffe: seven females and two males.

“I am thrilled to have two calves in the barn, and will be so excited to see them running and playing together on exhibit next season,” said Amber Eagleson, Area Curator for the African Journey and Indonesian Rain Forest, in a press release.