New Presidential Care Scholarship At Grace College Enables Local Student To Fulfill College Dream

    WINONA LAKE – Jeremy Himes of Warsaw was orphaned at age 13.  His mother died after a long battle with chronic heart issues while his father served a life sentence in prison.  Jeremy had dreamed of attending Grace College since elementary school, yet his aspiration always seemed out of reach until a fortuitous meeting with Dr. Bill Katip, president of Grace College, last year.

    After short stints living with an aunt and then a friend after his mother’s death, Himes found a home with his youth group leaders Brandon and Beth McBrier just before starting high school. “They’ve showed me unconditional love over and over,” Himes said, “And that God is greater.”

    As high school drew to a close, Jeremy decided to pursue his dream and apply to Grace College; in fact, he applied nowhere else. “I didn’t know if I could get in, and even if I did, I didn’t know how I could pay for it,” Himes said.  Much to his delight, Himes was accepted.  That’s when this incredible story of grace reaches its climax.

    A short time later, at a Big Brother banquet in Warsaw, Himes shared his story and his desire to attend Grace College.  Dr. Katip and others from Grace were in the audience.  They knew immediately that they wanted to play a role in Jeremy’s story.  “We felt like the Lord put us at the banquet for this purpose.  Others had stepped up along the way, and now it was our turn,” said Dr. Katip.

    As a result, the Presidential Care Scholarship was established by a donor who cares deeply about orphan care to benefit students like Himes who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend Grace.  The awardees will be granted a full-ride scholarship to Grace.  Jeremy Himes was the first individual to receive the scholarship.

    After learning that he would be awarded, Himes was overwhelmed with gratitude.  “I can’t believe it.  I’m still trying to believe it,” he exclaimed.  Jeremy plans to major in psychology at Grace. “I’ve been in counseling my whole life dealing with anger and anxiety. I believe God can use my hurt to help others,” he explained.

    Dr. Katip is pleased that Grace could help Himes in this significant way. “Grace College is committed to making high-quality, biblically grounded higher education available to as many students as possible.  We hope that Jeremy will benefit in multiple ways from his time at Grace,” he said.  “My prayer is that this scholarship will help Jeremy finish college and develop leadership and ministry skills that will serve him well the rest of his life,” he concluded.

    Attached is a photograph of Dr. Katip (far right) presenting Jeremy Himes and his guardians Beth and Brandon McBrier with the Presidential Care Scholarship.  For more information about Grace College and scholarship opportunities, visit or call 574-372-5100.