New Stop Lights Coming to Fort Wayne

Warsaw has already seen the new stop lights along US 30. Now INDOT is poised to continue with installation in Fort Wayne along the same highway.  

The $1 million dollar modernization project will begin on Monday, and consists of new signal heads, cabinets and other upgrades. The intersections with the new signals include: 

S.R. 930 at Executive Boulevard
S.R. 930 at Speedway Drive
S.R. 930 at Hobson Road
S.R. 930 at Vance Avenue
S.R. 930 at the K-Mart entrance
S.R. 930 at Maplecrest Road
S.R. 930 at Wayne Haven Road
S.R. 930 at Werling Drive
S.R. 930 at Green Street
S.R. 930 at Minnich Road

With the new flashing yellow arrow configurations, drivers will be able to make protected left turns with a steady green arrow. The steady yellow left-turn arrow retains its standard meaning that the signal is about to change to a steady red arrow, and drivers should prepare to stop, or, if they have already entered the intersection, they should complete the left turn when oncoming traffic has cleared. 

More information about the flashing yellow left-turn arrow is available on INDOT’s web site at