Niles underage sex case involving 19-year-old from Elkhart back in spotlight

A sex case involving an Elkhart teen that gained national attention may be getting the spotlight shone on it again.

Zach Anderson was sentenced in April 2015 to jail and 25 years on Michigan’s sex offender registry because the then-19-year-old had sex with a 14-year-old Niles girl he met online. Months later, another judge in Berrien County overturned the conviction.

The South Bend Tribune reports, near the end of his two-year probation this past week, Anderson found himself in a Niles courtroom, having been served an arrest warrant because he truthfully admitted he encountered two 17-year-olds he never spoke to.

One was a friend of his brother’s who they both thought was 19 because the friend graduated high school. The other was an intern at his church in Elkhart. The intern put out a statement, saying she never talked to him.

Anderson was released on $500 bond and will be back in Berrien County court on Wednesday, where is attorney is expected to bring the two 17-year-olds as witnesses. His parents call Anderson’s arrest a “witch hunt” by the Michigan probation department after being embarrassed by Anderson in 2015.