NIPSCO Crews Enlisted to Support Hurricane Isaias Recovery Effort

During the evening of Thursday, Aug. 6, approximately 40 NIPSCO employees traveled east to assist with the Hurricane Isaias restoration efforts. An estimated 3.7 million customers across the east coast remain without power since Tuesday evening.

These employees volunteered to provide aid and will assist Eversource, which serves several of the areas most impacted by the storm – including Connecticut, where NIPSCO crews will be stationed.

“We are proud that NIPSCO employees will aid in the restoration efforts caused by the hurricane and tornadoes that severely affected the east coast,” said Phil Winter, director of electric line operations. “We have been working hard to keep all of our valued employees safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have enacted additional precautions to protect these employees during departure, repair response and return to Indiana.”

The NIPSCO team is prepared to lend assistance with patrolling lines, surveying damage and repairing broken poles and downed lines.