NIPSCO warns customers of scammers over the phone and at your door

NIPSCO is warning customers about fake calls demanding immediate payment.

There are reports of scammers cloning NIPSCO’s phone number to look real on their caller ID. Others say scammers are going door to door.

NIPSCO is reminding customers they will never ask for a prepaid debit card or MoneyGram as payment, so this is a red flag that you’re being scammed.

If it’s unclear to you if you’re truly talking to NIPSCO or not, you should hang up and call their 24 hour customer care line before acting. If someone knocks on your door, ask to see their employee ID so you can verify it with the company.

WNDU reports Indiana Michigan Power reported a similar scam on Monday, where the scammers threaten disconnection if you don’t pay.