North Webster man arrested for using counterfeit money

NORTH WEBSTER – A North Webster man was arrested Thursday for counterfeiting, a level 6 felony.

Bradley Ray Slone, 29, of North Webster, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail on September 29, at 7:25pm on charges of counterfeiting and a misdemeanor charge of possession of paraphernalia. He is being held on a $5,850 bond.

According to the probably affidavit cause from the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office, on August 14 a North Webster Police Officer responded to a call regarding counterfeit money that was used to pay for items from a yard sale.

The officer spoke with a female victim who advised she was having a yard sale and two men, one identified as Slone, purchased items from her sale. Slone paid using a $5, the other man paid using two $20 bills. The victim provided the bills to the officer who immediately could tell they were counterfeit.

The victim told the officer she could tell the bills were fake as soon as she felt them because the paper did not feel right. She took the bills to the New Market grocery store where an employee marked the bills with a security pen that indicated the bills were counterfeit.

The victim told Slone the bills were fake and requested her items from the yard sale back.  Slone returned the items and the victim kept the counterfeit money.

Police spoke to a witness that was at the yard sale and observed the men pay the victim with what appeared to be counterfeit bills.

Slone admitted to police to being at the yard sale and giving the other man two counterfeit $20 bills. He also admitted to paying the victim with the fake money.

Slone gave police three contradicting ways that he would’ve obtained the counterfeit money. He said he allegedly received the money at a garage sale, from his paycheck money being mailed to another employee that gave him the money and his employer placed the money in an envelope outside the office building where he works and he picked up the money.

According to Slone’s booking information obtained from the Kosciusko County Jail, he is unemployed.