Oakwood planning on historical tour of cemetery next year

By Jackie Gorski

WARSAW — Sexton Hal Heagy told the Oakwood Cemetery Board of Regents Thursday he took it upon himself to make a list for the Walking Tour 2024 board.

The cemetery is planning a walking historical tour next year.

Heagy said the board was not set in stone and his thought was having a smaller group on the board would be better than having a bigger list. One reason he gave was if there were, for example, 20 people on the board and he asked what the board wanted with the tour, they might be there for four days.

The names of the people Heagy gave to be on the board were himself, Cemetery Board members Ken Locke and Dave Baumgartner, Patricia “Patsy” See and Cheryl Hanna. Locke asked the cemetery board if everyone was in favor of the committee and everyone said yes.

Heagy also said there were people that were willing to help with researching, who were Sally Hogan and Kevin Jones.

Heagy said the hardest part of the tour will be finding out which people in the cemetery to highlight.

Heagy said next year is the cemetery’s 150th year and that’s why he is pushing for the tour for next year. Locke asked if Heagy wanted to do anything for the 150th anniversary and Heagy said the board could talk about it in January. Locke suggested the tour could possibly be the celebration for the anniversary.

In other business, the board learned:

• The wood giveaway at the cemetery has begun.
Vouchers are available through Combined Community Services.
• Cemetery staff are currently repairing and painting all the trash receptacles on cemetery grounds.
• The walkway to the Preacher’s Stand is being created.
• Heagy has ordered military and summer banners. He said he may have money left over this year to order winter banners. If he doesn’t, he will order the winter banners next year.