OrthoWorx And Winona Lake Park Join Forces On Crowd Funding Campaign

OrthoWorx Press Release- Fun should have no limits. That’s why OrthoWorx and the Winona Lake Limitless Park Committee (WWLP) are collaborating on a crowd funding campaign October 29 through December 5, 2014, for a limitless playground/park. “This project is well aligned with our community enhancement goals,” said Sheryl Conley, OrthoWorx President and CEO. “There’s value in connecting our broader offerings in the region and improving the quality of life for current and future residents. The Limitless Park will be a game changer for those who will use the park, and it will be located on the community’s trail system.”
Limitless Park is envisioned as a place where people of all abilities and ages can play. For individuals with disabilities, traditional playground equipment may sideline their activity. “The ‘limitless play’ vision is taking hold in this region,” states Erin Porter, WLLP Committee Chair. “We want to extend that. Some people may be unaware of Limitless Park. We want to change that and provide an opportunity for them to come alongside us. We are working to do something great for children and adults with disabilities, their families and friends.”
The crowd funding concept is fairly new and gaining momentum. It provides an online platform for different people who care about an idea to pool their money to make that idea happen. “OrthoWorx staff is providing the expertise to power the campaign. The Indiegogo platform we are using is world renowned and has been helping to raise funds since 2008,” said Conley. The Limitless Park campaign goal is $20,000. Funds raised will be used to buy a key piece of piece of equipment called the NEOS 360. It combines technology with activity and was awarded the Best in Innovation from Kids at Play Interactive. Visit the campaign website igg.me/atWLLP-NEOS360 to view a video clip.
To help ensure fun has no limits, the public is invited to the Limitless Park Campaign Kick-off Event, Wednesday, October 29, 7:30-9:30 p.m., hosted at Boathouse Restaurant, Winona Lake, Indiana ($30/couple or $15/person). Donate through the campaign website at igg.me/at/WLLP-NEOS360. Also, participate in the campaign through Facebook (WinonaLakeLimitlessPark) and Twitter @WinonaLake.