Parks Dept. Rec. Director Seeking $150K Grant To Move Skate Park

(Carli Luca / News Now Warsaw)

Warsaw Board of Works members Mayor Joe Thallemer and Jeff Grose gave Parks Department Recreation Director Sheila Wieringa permission to apply for a $150,000 grant from the K21 Health Foundation to relocate and renovate Mantis Skate Park.

The park’s relocation to the Richardson-DuBois area of Market Street is included in the 2017-21 master plant. Funds would be used as a match with a Department of Natural Resources Land and Water Conservation Grant due in 2021, mid-year.

Justin Taylor, senior assistant city planner, presented a  Troyer Group invoice for $973 for preliminary engineering and utility coordination on the Lincoln Elementary School sidewalk project.

Planner Jeremy Skinner said the change order for  the airport industrial park sanitary sewer adds $9,800 to the contract price. The change is to add more laterial lines. The amount was omitted from a previous change order request from HRP Construction.

Also, for the airport park project, Skinner presented a final pay application of $328,119.20 for HRP Construction.

The board also approved a Buffalo Street Plaza pay application, No. 6, for $137,135.73 for  work done by Selge Construction.

Scott Whitaker, police chief, presented a contract with Lexipol for law enforcement policy manuals and daily training bulletins updates for $29,851. The manuals will be available online. Lexipol will include legal and content development.

Whitaker said the last update was in 2012. The staff has worked on it internally over the years, then the department heads decided to make the manuals digital.

Also with Lexipol a contract was approved for online Indiana Law Enforcement Academy-approved, unlimited training courses for 40 officers for $2,500 per  year, with a one-time account service charge of $250.

Whitaker said the program includes mandated and more specialized courses and mean a real savings to the department.

“Instead of 25 training hours per year, officers could get up to 60 hours per year and take courses while on duty,” the chief said.

The police department also entered into an agreement with Lassus Brothers to provide 87 octane fuel at $2.03 per gallon and diesel fuel at the current pump price in 2021.

Brian Davison, wastewater treatment plant supervisor,  presented NV Grant Service’s monthly bill for payroll over-sight for $1,170 for the wastewater treatment plant expansion project, which was approved.

Also, Davison presented a  Wessler Engineering’s pay application No. 80 for $310 for the wastewater treatment plant expansion project asset management plan; and Wessler Engineering’s pay application No. 63 for services, $2,244 for the sewer rehabilitation project regarding the line under US 30 to make sure there’s no settling. Both of the engineering bills were approved.

Human resources administrative assistant Whitney Olson presented an annual maintenance agreement contract with American Elevator for $2,434.69 for 2021, which was approved.