Pavilion Audio-Video System To Be Updated For $125K

With the renovation of Center Lake Pavilion will come a new audio-video system.

On Friday, the Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety approved a professional services agreement with All Pro Integrated Systems for a new audio-video system for the Pavilion.

The total contract price for consulting, equipment and installation is $125,645.83 and will come out of the Parks and Recreation Department’s budget.

CME Corp. is remodeling the pavilion for $2,776,000, with Zimmer Biomet Foundation paying for $2.5 million of the cost. The Pavilion should be completed by September 2023.

City engineer Aaron Ott said on Friday, “We’ve been, over the past several months, having a series of meetings to formulate the vision for the Pavilion and what all technology we think is necessary at the front-end just to be able to operate that space the way we feel it’s to be operated.”

He said the space will be able to accommodate receptions, training sessions and all the stuff the city has done in the Pavilion plus more.

“With the Zimmer Biomet sponsorship, we expect those entities will want to take advantage of this facility more regularly, so we have a really nice package that we are hoping to go forward with here to have a main room audio-video system with a large projection screen and a projector and all the speakers, as well as, a minor lighting system is also proposed in here to have a little bit of controls to set the lighting for various presentations and wedding receptions and things of that nature,” Ott explained.

There also will be a small conference room so either two conferences can be held at once or there can be a spillover space where both rooms are filled and the monitors are synched for the same presentations, he said.

Board member George Clemens asked if they checked the references and recommendations of All Pro.

Ott said they did. “They are actually an … entity of Sweetwater out of Fort Wayne, which is a powerhouse nationwide, worldwide for this kind of stuff, and this is a subdivision of Sweetwater that offers these special services. These people are amazing. I think we’re getting the best of the best in advice and in equipment,” Ott said, clarifying that the city wasn’t buying “Cadillac” equipment but it’s “solid, reputable” equipment.

Parks Superintendent Larry Plummer said the design process was based upon the ease of use for Pavilion renters. He said it’s not something like what’s in the City Hall Council Chambers where a person has to know every button and technology to push.  The Pavilion will be very user-friendly “and that’s one of the things where having their expertise to do this” will be helpful, he said.

Ott said a person won’t have to be tech-savvy to run the audio-video system.

Clerk-Treasurer Lynne Christiansen asked if the money to pay for the system was coming out of the Zimmer Biomet Foundation’s donation. Plummer said it will come from his budget.

Clemens made the motion to approve the agreement, Councilman Jeff Grose seconded it and it was approved 2-0. Mayor Joe Thallemer was absent from Friday’s meeting.

A bid for diesel fuel for the city also was opened and approved by the Board.

The sole bid received was from Ceres Solutions, which offered a price of $3.6388 per gallon for onroad diesel fuel; $3.742 per gallon for offroad diesel fuel; and $3.733 per gallon for ethanol-free gasoline. The prices are just the base prices and do not include the 55-cents-per-gallon excise tax, which Christiansen said the city gets some of that tax back.

The prices are for Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023, according to Street Superintendent Dustin Dillon. He said the onroad diesel fuel price is about 10 cents cheaper than what the city is contracted under currently; offroad is about 15 cents cheaper; but the ethanol-free is about 24 cents higher than what the city is paying now. He recommended the Board approve the bid prices.

City attorney Scott Reust asked Dillon if there was a minimum purchase amount. Dillon said for the onroad diesel fuel, it was up to 60,000 gallons, and for the offroad diesel, it was up to about 25,000 gallons.

In other business, the Board of Works approved:

• Change order No. 2 for the traffic signal modernization project at Center and Buffalo streets for a decrease of $3,807.27, as requested on behalf of the Street Department. The change order reflects the reduction of quantities used by the contractor, Michiana Contracting Inc.

The original contract price was $358,684.50.

Pay application No. 3 from Michiana Contracting for $12,293.48 for the same project also was approved, as was pay application No. 4 for $16,648.16. Pay application No. 4 closes out the project, according to Ott.

• Pay application No. 32 from Structurepoint for preliminary engineering for the Anchorage Road project for $8,096. It is an 80/20 Indiana Department of Transportation funded project so the city will be reimbursed 80% for each phase of the project over the next four years. The funds will come out of the Economic Development Income Tax.

For the same project, the Board also approved pay application No. 12 for right-of-way services from Structurepoint for $3,581.90.

• Change order No. 1 for the Center Lake Restoration project by G & G Hauling & Excavating Inc. at a cost of $1,158.50. Utility Superintendent Brian Davison said G & G used a little bit more glacial stone than was estimated that they would use.

• Change order No. 1 for the Country Club Lane drainage improvements project by G & G Hauling & Excavating Inc. for $9,945.87, as requested by Davison. He said a little more work was required on the project.

• An agreement between the city and Wessler Engineering for the Wastewater Utility for on-call engineering services for an amount not to exceed $30,000, as requested by Davison.

• A fee agreement and employment letter for 2022 legal services provided by Beers Mallers LLP for the Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory. The rate is $150 per hour on a as-needed basis, with a $500 retainer fee. The WWFT Board approved the agreement on Nov. 1.