PETA presses proseuctor to take action in local animal abuse case

By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — The national animal rights group, PETA, is urging Kosciusko County’s prosecutor to file animal abuse charges against the owner of Isaiah 11 Ministry, a local counseling center that formerly served as an animal refuge.

Police investigated the facility after repeated complaints about alleged inhuman conditions at the facility and authorities eventually removed some animals including a cat that was near death.

The property outside of Warsaw is owned by Linda Ozier and PETA also wants to see the prosecutor’s office take action to ensure Ozier never takes in more animals.

In a letter sent to the prosecutor’s office and the media, PETA said Ozier fits the profile of an animal hoarder.

The organization said that without adequate intervention and treatment, animal hoarders have a near 100% rate of recidivism.

The only way to protect animals from Ozier’s continued neglect — and spare the prosecutor’s office and police from having to address it again is to ensure that she legally cannot possess them, the statement from PETA said.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office declined comment Monday, saying the case is still under review.

On March 29, the ministry announced on Facebook it would no longer serve as an animal rescue facility. That came after the sheriff’s office advised Ozier to no longer accept animals.