Petition to Fight J-Turns on US 31 Goes to Indy


KOKOMO– A petition with over 1,500 signatures from citizens who oppose INDOT’s plan to install J-turns along U.S. 31 was submitted to INDOT Thursday.

State Lawmaker Bill Friend from Miami County says residents between Plymouth and Tipton have been telling INDOT officials at public meetings that they oppose the controversial method of allowing traffic to cross major highways without the use of overpasses and underpasses.

J-Turns force vehicles to turn right onto the highway, then merge left and exit into the middle of the highway. Vehicles then immediately turn back and merge into the left lane, then into the right lane, and then exit on the road they were on in the first place.

Friend says J-Turns were designed for low speed, low-traffic areas, not places were school busses, farm equipment and passenger vehicles are common.

You can see the petition at