Pie Fight To Raise Money For Cancer Fund

The Shaving Cream Pie Fight Against Cancer to raise funds for the Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund has been planned for this month.
The event is April 25 from noon to 2 p.m. at the east parking lot of the Kosciusko County Fairgrounds. This is the first year for the event.
There will be limbo, cornhole and volleyball at noon. The shaving cream fight starts at 1 p.m. 
There is a $3 entry fee. 
The Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund, administered by K21 Health Foundation, provides assistance to financially eligible residents of Kosciusko County who are suffering from cancer. 
The purpose of the fund is to relieve some of the financial strain that often accompanies the diagnosis. The assistance provided includes items such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, food, car payments and prescription medications.
Grace College Sport Management Department students Tre Fowler, a senior sports, business and marketing major; Chris Wilson, a sophomore sports management major; and Meghan Wiles, a junior sports marketing major, came up with the idea for the fundraiser.
“It started out as a project for our class and we wanted to do something bigger and it has turned into a charity event for the Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund,” Wiles said. “This is an important fundraiser because it not only raises funds for the people who use the fund, but also raises awareness and support and unites our community for something good.”
Wilson said the fundraiser is important  because it is something the community can rally around.
Fowler said cancer effects many people and this is a way to help them.
“Many people know someone who is suffering from cancer whether it is family, a friend or a loved one, and they know the effects cancer can have on them and their entire family, so this event is to show them they are not alone in that fight,” Fowler said.
Wiles said she hopes the fundraiser is a fun and family friendly event while helping the Cancer Care Fund.
Attendees are encouraged to bring ponchos and goggles to protect clothing and their eyes.
Shaving cream and paper plates will be available at the fundraiser.
A participant waiver of liability must be filled out at kcfightagainstcancer.com
People who cannot make it to the fundraiser can also donate to the fund on the site under the Cancer Care Fund link.

(Story By The Times Union)