Pierceton Sues Former Officer For Breach Of Contract

The town of Pierceton has filed a civil lawsuit against one of its former police officers for breach of contract.

According to the complaint filed by town attorney Tammy Keirn, Ryan Piper entered into a contract on or about July 18, 2019, titled “Officer Training Reimbursement Agreement.” In that agreement, Piper agreed to pay the town $20,000 if he terminated his employment with the town within 48 months of taking the office as a full-time police officer for Pierceton.

Piper took his oath of office on Aug. 12, 2019. He voluntarily terminated his employment on or about Dec. 4, 2021.

The complaint claims Pierceton suffered liquidated damages of $20,000 and Piper breached the agreement by refusing to pay the $20,000 to the town. The town demanded payment from Piper, but he has failed and refused to satisfy the debt owed in compliance to the agreement, according to the complaint.

The agreement also states “in the event (the) town is required to enforce any part of this agreement, (the) town shall be entitled to recover its attorney fees in addition to the other liquidation damages provided herein.”

Pierceton is asking for a judgement of $20,000 with interest at the legal judgement rate of 8% per annum, reasonable attorney fees and all other costs of the suit.