Police Called For Potential Murder But Find Drugs

Pulaski County Sheriff’s arrested 3 people on Tuesday. They were initially called concerning a tip about a murder victim, but that person was found safe. So what were they arrested for? According to WNDU, 32 year old William Clemons, 24 year old Samantha Clemons, and 32 year old Patrina Hall are in hot water after police searched their trailer. Two men reported to police that they had stayed at the trailer and heard the three discussing a plan to murder an individual. Police responded to the trailer and searched it, looking for the body that was claimed to be under the trailer. No body was found and police later found the individual safe and sound. However, according to WKVI they found meth and illegal pills at the trailer, in the presence of a small child. The suspects are now facing drug charges and charges of endangering a miner.