A private school may be coming to Warsaw in 2018

A group will discuss its plans for a new private school in Warsaw at a meeting at noon Sunday.

The meeting will be at the Wyndham Hotel. If the meeting location changes, it will be announced on the Warsaw Academy Facebook page. The meeting is an attempt to gauge how much interest there is in the school.

The school is targeting a fall 2018 opening date, according to founder Katrina Lewis. The school will serve  kindergarten through fourth grades at first, with plans to expand later.

Lewis said she got the idea for the school after frustration with the current options for her preschool-aged daughter. She said teachers kept telling her that her daughter was testing at the kindergarten and first-grade levels.

“There is no school where students can learn at their own pace,” Lewis said.

The lack of accelerated learning is something that’s been lost from modern education, Lewis said.

Lewis said the school was inspired by a private school in Texas that combine numerous classical learning styles.

There has been a lot of interest in the school, according to Lewis, but a lot of parents are worried about the price.

Lewis estimates the school would have to charge $10,000-a-year per student to break even. Lewis said she plans on applying for non-profit status to help bring the cost down.

The school does not have a building yet, but Lewis said they are looking at a few options.

Interested individuals can check out Warsaw Academy Facebook page for more information.