Proposed house bill would pay wrongfully incarcerated Hoosiers

(photo supplied / Indiana Statehouse)

A bill is being considered that will allow wrongfully convicted and incarcerated Hoosiers to collect compensation.

According to the Journal Gazette, the bill would award a person who was incarcerated and exonerated of their crime $50,000 per year they were in prison.  In exchange, the person would have to agree to drop any lawsuits they have in regard to the case and also agree not to file any lawsuits in the future.

Many details need to be worked out for the bill to pass.  Senator Karen Tallian of Portage wants to know how and who would determine their “actual innocence.”  Currently the bill calls for the final say to go to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

Senator Mike Young of Indianapolis, chair of the committee, is looking into how far back in time the bill would go to prorate a payment to someone.

The House Bill 1150 passed unanimously in the House and now goes onto the Senate for consideration.