Purdue SIGbots World Champions with Wawasee Roots

Purdue Sigbots teams BLRS and BLRS2

Noah Beckner, Wesley Hays, Nick Murphy, Evan & Micah Rassi, all Wawasee High School alumni, competed for Purdue University at VEX Worlds Robotics Competition, May 4-5 in Dallas, Texas.

BLRS (Noah Beckner, Evan & Micah Rassi plus team members) placed first in the Science Division (division champions) and runner up (VEX U World finalists) in the Worlds Vex Robotics Competition.

BLRS2 (Nick Murphy, Wesley Hays plus teammates) are VEX U Robot Skills World Champions and placed second (division finalists) in the Technology Division.

Purdue Sigbots Team BLRS – Division Champions and VEX U World Championship finalists

Purdue earned more trophies than any other university at Worlds.

SIGBots competed against such universities as Illinois, Rutgers, Auburn, Clemson, University of Florida, USC, and universities from other countries such as Spain, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, and Mexico, among others. Micah Rassi, SIGBots Vice President, said, “These competitors really bring it! They are amazingly tough teams.” Each Purdue team competed in up to 18 matches and 6 skills rounds in a two-day period, defeating teams with stunning win/loss records while clawing their way to the top of the bracket.

Purdue SIGBots not only competed in the Worlds competition but also took online final exams while winning top honors at Worlds Competition. “This is finals week,” said Evan Rassi, taking finals remotely in Dallas. “I started my final outside with my laptop in a quiet place. Then it rained, so I moved undercover. The bugs began biting while I was sitting on the concrete, so I moved inside by the windows and hoped I would not lose my hotspot signal or go over on time and miss driving for a match.

Wawasee High School Robotics Coach Jed Wandland said, “These boys all are former Indiana High School State Champions, Indiana State Champion Runners Up, and Indiana State Robot Skills Champions as well as High School VEX Worlds Competitors. It is great to see them continue to grow and compete in the highest level of Robotics competition.”

SIGBots is a Purdue Club, not a college-sponsored team. Each club member pays their own way and dues. There are 80 plus team members all working in various roles to make things happen for the SIGBots. Purdue University provided travel assistance for the Worlds competition.

Noah Beckner, Freshman, Aeronautical Engineering Technology

Wesley Hays, Freshman, Chemical Engineering

Nick Murphy, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Evan Rassi, Freshman, Industrial Engineering Technology

Micah Rassi, Junior, Robotics Engineering Technology